Consultation & Policy Adoption

Government entities are going paperless. Mandates will happen and Blue Umbrella can be there advising your board on best business practices and policies for securely storing documents in the cloud.

Using our streamlined approach to document storage and consultant submission guidelines you can experience shorter meetings allowing your board to save money.

Digital Documents

Our Cloud-based document services give you unlimited access to all of your entity's documents with the simple press of a buttom.

To maximize usefulness of these services we work with both your board and consultants to establish standardized protocols and ensure easy integration.

Devices & Connectivity

Our qualified IT professionals equip and train directors with modern devices provided to the board. With these director devices, the power to manage and control District operation will be at the fingertips of each Director.

Digital Meeting

Bring digital documents to the big screen at your meetings. With it you can expect better resident engagement and approval of board actions.


Stay in the loop. Even when out of town. Teleconferencing technology give you and your board all the audible and visual queues to be properly represented at your meetings.

Advisory & Consulting

Communications Consulting

Blue Umbrella is there to bring your board up to speed with the services and expertise in communications technologies that help you be more cognisent of activity in your entity.

SCADA (telemetry) Advisor

Say goodbye to antiquated 1970s-era monitoring technology. The days of the "Idiot Lights" and "Chatterbox" have passed. Say hello to SCADA. This new realtime technology keeps the operational fingers on the pulse of the facilities.

We facilitate the implementation of SCADA monitoring systems which allow for remote access to equipment sensors and deliver precise data from all your facilities.

Instant notification of equipment malfunction and errors improve equipment life and reduce repairs. This proactive response systemm detects potentially hazardouse issues before they turn into serious (and costly) problems.

Security Advisor

It is important not only to monitor the equipment in your facility, but also to track authorized and unauthorized facility access with security installations and monitoring services.

Get remote access to on-site cameras as well as instant notification of intrusion via text message and email.

Blue Umbrella coordinates and facilitates integration of security and alarm system installations & management. With this new technology you can be instantly notified of and view any wanted or unwanted on-site activity.

Administration & Support

On-site & Remote Support

If you need assistance with any of our services our team is prepared to handle any issue on-site or remotely.

IT workshops

We provide group sessions to train your board or staff on how to use the software and hardware solutions we provide.

Public Commmunications

Website Design & Hosting

Every government entity is unique and their website is no exception. Once your website is live, we implement best practices to keep your site professional. To keep your content current and accurate we also provide regular meeting attendance.

Text/Email Alert System

Blue Umbrella offers an instant alert system to notify your residents of board works, events and emergencies. The days of snail-mail are numbered and in today's business using mail and signage to notify of emergency conditions is unacceptable.

Publications & Marketing Materials

Upcoming Bond Election? Conservation Awareness? Be sure everyone get the message. Caspture your residents' attention with professionally designed, full-color mailers. Improve public response and increase recognition with our complete Newsletter solutions for your government entity.